My Approach to Learning

At the center of all the subjects I teach, the one lesson I want students to learn is that everything is centered on who God is and his plan for us in Jesus. My number one goal is to transfer a love, a genuine love, of learning to each student that passes through my class and to clearly connect that love of learning to the love of God for His children!  God has created such an amazing world for us to explore, and education is the key to unlocking a better understanding of His nature and creative genius not to mention His boundless love and abundant gifts to us. My prayer and desire for each student is that they will leave with a greater knowledge of God, a greater love for learning, and a self-respect and dedication that will enhance their future learning endeavors.  

My History

A little background on me, my father served 34 years in the Air Force, so I got to see a lot of the United States, including Alaska, where I graduated from high school. Moving around was a huge challenge, but God used that in my life to teach me contentment with myself and Him. My family has always been a huge support for me. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart at 8 years old.  My mother had recently been saved and came home with excitement and exuberance about this Jesus.  She taught me about his love and desire for me to follow Him.  Shortly thereafter I decided to make a commitment to him.  My life has been an incredible adventure since then, but always with the guiding hand and safety net of the Lord. Through the years, God has clearly placed a call to teaching on my heart. I am so blessed by the opportunity to teach in a Christian environment.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to sit with my students and delve into the mysteries of God's word and world.  I love the connection we have through fellowship in the classroom. 

My Education and Family

 I graduated with a B.A. in English and American Literature from the University of Maryland, an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma, and an M.A. Ed. from McKendree University. I am married and have 3 children who are attending or have attended FBA through graduation. FBA has been a huge blessing for my family and has prepared my children well for college, academically, spiritually, and far beyond my expectations! I am very thankful for FBA and its FBCO family.