Message to Parents and Students:


This is going to be a banner year in music!! We have a lot going on. I hope to meet you if I have not already.  Thank you, in advance, for supporting our music program at FBA.


Personal Testimony:


I was raised in a Christian home with wonderful Christian parents. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 8 years old. I credit my love of church music to my parents. My father was a Minister of Music and my mother played the piano.  I love to worship Christ through music. My daily walk with Him always involves some sort of music. I grow daily in my Christian life. It’s wonderful!!


General Goals and Responsibilities:


I want children to want to learn about music.  Musicisin oureverydaylivesand I amtheretoteachchildrenhow to look foritandlearnfromit.  Music gives us joy and I want to share that joy with our students. Ithasbeen , andwill continue to be , mygoal tobuildourmusicprogram. Beginning in kindergarten, our students are taught the fundamentals of music.  As they go through each grade, I expand on that knowledge.  We do this through singing, playing instruments, listening and learning music theory.


To contact Mrs. Jones, please email her at, or call the office at 618-726-6040.