I was blessed with the advantage of being raised in a Christian home.  My parents and extended family all have a passion for the Lord and strive to serve Him.  I accepted Christ at an early age, but did not submit to baptism until I was older.  I know that the Lord has His hand on each and everyone of us, guiding us everyday.  I am eternally grateful for His mercy and grace and the Christian family he has surrounded me with.





“ Do not neglect the gift you have…” ( 1 Timothy 4:14).  I am thankful for the natural abilities that the Lord has given me.  I thank Him that I have the opportunity to share them with your children.  In turn, I hope they discover their “gifts” and we may watch them flourish together.




Art should be enjoyed.  I feel that it is a way for us to express ourselves, and that everyone’s abilities are different.  I aim to expose the students to a variety of media, techniques, and artist who shaped Art throughout history in hopes that they will further appreciate creativity and its thought processes.