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Slack is a messaging app for teams. It brings all your team's communication and files in one place, where they're instantly searchable and available wherever you go. Come explore some of our main features and see why thousands of customers love us: http://bit.ly/1LWXOP8

Slack works best when the whole team is using it together. This short video will show you how you can quickly and easily get everyone on board and raring to go.

For a little more background, see https://www.slack.com/getting-started.

In Slack, public and private channels help organize your team conversations. Public channels give greater visibility into what various teams are doing across the organization; they're also a great place for gathering alerts and notifications from other services you're using. Here, we provide some tips on how you can organize your channels to make work more pleasant and productive.

Communication in Slack happens through messages, allowing teams to have open and transparent conversations that aren't hidden away inside inboxes. Messages are easily searchable, too; creating a rich and accessible repository of all your team's work. Here, we'll show you all the different ways you can use messages- from communicating in real-time to sharing long-form posts and snippets of code.

Notifications in Slack help you stay focused on the things that matter to you, instead of distracting you from getting things done. Here, we show you how to customize your notifications so you can concentrate on your work without missing anything important.

Slack is a messaging app, but it also doubles as a running history of your team's work. Everything in Slack—messages, files, posts from integrations, and more—is automatically indexed, archived and easily searched. Find and share past messages and files to give everyone on your team, including new hires, so everyone is up to speed.

Slack brings all your work together in one place. In addition to messaging teammates, you can upload files directly to a channel or direct message, or share them from services including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and many others. All of the content is then indexed and searchable, adding to your team's collective knowledge and allowing for instant feedback.