Message to Parents and Students:

Hello!  I am looking forward to working with you and your students this year!  I have been teaching for 13 years, and I absolutely love my job.  Some things you can expect from my English classes this year: TONS of writing and thinking, DOZENS of class discussions, LOADS of reading, and prayerfully, AN ABUNDANCE of Jesus.  I pray that I help your children think, laugh, write, read, and love one another. 

Many blessings,

Kaity Wiggins

Personal Testimony:

I first came to hear about Jesus while I was in college-- through a friend who invited me to Campus Crusade for Christ.  I hadn't ever heard what He had done for us before.  The largest faith in my hometown was Judaism, so it wasn't common for the name Jesus to even come up.  I didn't accept that invitation from my friend, but it got me thinking about God.  Who was He really?  I was one of those typical college students who thought that reality was whatever each individual believed it was.  But, one thing I did know. . . if I ever became devoted to a faith, I knew I would only be all in.  Because what was the point otherwise?

Then, another friend of mine named Ryan got saved.  I will never forget the conversation we had on the phone one night, where he told me, "You need to get saved."  My response was, huh?  What does that even mean?! 

I didn't give my life to Christ that night, but I did pursue what it meant to be saved.  I had never ever heard of being "saved," so it was totally new to me.  Plus, I thought Ryan was crazy.  So I avoided Ryan, but I kept thinking about God.  Who was He really? 

I ended up asking Him to show me who he was one night while I was babysitting.  I love telling this story to my students.  I put the little girl to bed and then I started praying-- God, who are you really?  I just want to know who you are.  Once I lifted my head up from that prayer, I turned on the TV, and these words came out of the speakers: "If you want to get saved today, pray this prayer of salvation with me right now."  I couldn't believe it!  I bowed my head, prayed the prayer of salvation with the TV preacher, and Jesus saved me! 

Since then, I have been learning what it means to be a believer in Christ, to follow him daily, and to be sanctified.  Oh, and I ended up marrying Ryan : )  I love the Lord, I love what He has done for all of us, and I am so, so, so thankful for mercy, grace, and love!  And Truth.

General Goals and Responsibilities:

The classes I am teaching this year include Introduction to Literature, World Literature, and Literature of Western Civilization

In these classes, I will do my best to:

Engage students in reading texts, thinking about texts, and writing down their ideas
Inspire students to work hard and think well
Facilitate class discussions
Evaluate progress through a variety of assignments
Communicate with parents and students regarding the progress of each of my students
Encourage growth in all areas of English Literature
Create a class curriculum that is engaging, thorough, and well-developed
Mentor students to help them in their personal walks with Jesus
Help students articulate their faith, in words and actions, in their everyday lives
Meet students where they are
Unite with the staff of FBA to form a body that works together
Pray for my students and their families
Love my students and their families
Put Christ first